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The Good – My mother flew into town yesterday and will be with us for the week. Yay!

The Bad – Count Dooku appears to have an allergy to something. Lately his eyes have become very red and itchy at random. Today though he really scared me when after a 28 minute drive he got out of the car and I saw his eyes had become slits. The lower lid on both of his eyes were each so puffed up, they looked like there was something stuffed inside of them. We’re waiting for a blood test to tell us if it’s something seasonal or if it’s the hamster. If you have any suggestions to help him in the mean time (besides Benadryl which didn’t do much besides making him sleepy) it would be appreciated.

The Ugly – That monthly visitor of women reared her ugly head yesterday after a 1 year 9 month break. Woe is me!



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Go vote!

So the voting for April’s Photo Contest is now open! My photo is in there so if you liked it, go ahead and vote for it eh?


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You see it in my header.
You see it in my avatar.
You see it on my social networking profiles.

That is because it is the photo which most identifies what I am and will always be, no matter how big those hands get. A Mother.

A sonnet
© Summer Owens

The hand that clenches my finger so tight
Will only this day in time so small be,
And it shall seem as though barely one night
Has passed between childhood and infancy.
Soon you’ll be older, your hands bigger too.
They’ll reach for mine as your first step you take.
Scrapes will soon follow but you will pull through
I’ll teach you to learn from mistakes you make.
Each new accomplishment will bring a smile
We’ll laugh and talk of the things you have learned
Yet I know it will seem such a short while
Before you seek for the freedom you’ve earned
Soon you’ll be ready to let my hand go
You’ll hold my heart in your hands always though.

The above photograph was taken by and is the sole property of myself, Summer Owens. I have entered it into the Mother’s Day Giveaway Photo Contest over at 5 Minutes for Mom. Be sure to check out the other wonderful entries there.


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Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

The ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom are having an amazing giveaway event.

They’ve kicked it off with a themed photo contest: Motherhood. The winner will receive…$1,000 dollars.

I am really excited to see all of the personal photographic interpretations of motherhood. Especially from you, my regular readers. I think this contest will be more about what you’ve captured than how you’ve captured it, so don’t feel like you have nothing to offer up because you’re not a practiced photographer (I’m certainly not practiced). Let’s get out there and go for the gold!


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For April’s Photo Contest


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If tulips were people

This is Modest Mary. She looks a bit plain from the outside
but her true beauty shines from within.

This is Graceful Gabby. She is lovely inside and out and well
rounded besides.

This is Wild Wendy. She prefers a look untamed, just for the
sake of shock value. And of course, she’s all about having fun.

This is Confused Claire. She’s a lot like modest Mary, but she wants
to be like her friend Wild Wendy. She’s a bit overzealous at times in trying
to be someone she’s not. She’s still working on finding the right balance.

This is Flirtatious Felicity. She’s got good looks and she likes to flaunt it.
She makes an extra effort to outshine her peers in the garden.

And what have we here?

A pet hedgehog? In the tulip garden? It’s so flippin’ cute!
Must get one!
Back to the subject at hand.

Which tulip are you?


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Yet something has happened to me today. After spending hours perusing the ginormous list of giveaways happening around the blogosphere, I’ve suddenly struck a silly chord.

Maybe it was my ending every entry with an exclamation mark, Great Giveaway!, I would love this!, Thanks for the opportunity! that drove me crazy. But I had to do it.

I mean, won’t these people know that an exclamation at the end means I really want to win? Doesn’t that exclamation convey the desperation excitement I have to win this or this?
Aren’t I bettering my chances by sounding super excited? Please?

Alas though I found I could exclaim no longer. At least not in traditional fashion.

So I found myself typing things like, Target is da bomb! and Holy Sweetness! I love it when people essentially give away money. I don’t have any! Pick me! and Me like cheesecake.

Yes, I’ve decided with that last one I best get off the computer and start again tomorrow, re-normalized.

P.S. I’m giving away another blog design


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