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Taken from the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building

“The city of right angles and tough, damaged people -Pete Hamill

Well, my mother and I must have been there on a good day because we didn’t run into people any meaner than I was already use to in this trashy city o’ mine, which shall remain nameless. 🙂

So, some of you may have noticed I’ve been rather sporadic in my commenting of late and it’s because I’m still adjusting to life without my wonderful momma. She flew out and stayed with us for a week and oh, was it wonderful! I miss her terribly and I long for the interactions my children don’t get to have with their extended family members. So a visit is always a wonderful thing.

Yes, a visit from my mom means a date night or two with my husband. It means running to the store for something I forgot without having to drag all three kids out too. It means late nights spent playing Boggle, Cribbage, Rummikub and Take Two. And this year it meant taking a day trip to New York City, just me and her. I’ve lived within doable driving distance for 6 years and finally I made it, with my mom who had never been there before either.

Riding the Ferry out to Liberty Island. (Gosh I hope I look as good as my mom does when I’m 50)

At Ground Zero

This is Trinity Church, which was not a stop on our agenda but we happened to walk by it and it sucked me in. Some of you know I am an avid genealogist and am obsessed with love old church’s and cemeteries. This church and cemetery is smack dab in the middle of the city yet it seemed so tranquil there. I was in heaven looking at the ancient headstones (ca. 1700’s) and the architecture inside and out is breathtaking.

Here we are after hiring a bicycle taxi which I highly recommend, as they can veer in and out of traffic and if you love feeling a, gentler than a car with the top down, wind in your face. We had a blast on our short little ride.

Just a small portion of Times Square, from the seat of our bicycle taxi.

We had a great time with gramma around and a fantastic day in New York City!



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For April’s Photo Contest


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If tulips were people

This is Modest Mary. She looks a bit plain from the outside
but her true beauty shines from within.

This is Graceful Gabby. She is lovely inside and out and well
rounded besides.

This is Wild Wendy. She prefers a look untamed, just for the
sake of shock value. And of course, she’s all about having fun.

This is Confused Claire. She’s a lot like modest Mary, but she wants
to be like her friend Wild Wendy. She’s a bit overzealous at times in trying
to be someone she’s not. She’s still working on finding the right balance.

This is Flirtatious Felicity. She’s got good looks and she likes to flaunt it.
She makes an extra effort to outshine her peers in the garden.

And what have we here?

A pet hedgehog? In the tulip garden? It’s so flippin’ cute!
Must get one!
Back to the subject at hand.

Which tulip are you?


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Evolution of Me

School Pictures

Hey, pretty cute!

Not as cute.

The downward trend continues.

HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL!! What the flip did I do to my hair, and why?!?!?

There’s hope on the horizon.

She might even attract a man

Do boys ever take horrid school pictures? I mean, there’s so much more you can mangle when it comes to long hair. And why did my mother ever let me mangle it so? (love ya mom)


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Welcome Spring!

I took a walk Saturday with my camera in hand.

Spring has just arrived.

I’d never seen a Magnolia tree till we moved out here.

Now Magnolia’s are my favorite things about spring time.

They’re more than just blossoms. The full out flowers and they’re big.

I only wish spring lasted longer.


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We had our first snowfall yesterday. For as much as I don’t like snow, I really do love the first snow fall. Especially when it happens before Christmas, because it makes it feel more like Christmas. Gets me more excited for Christmas.

The night sky is bright as the moonlight reflects off of the snow that blankets everything.

And the day after it has stopped snowing, the air smells fresh and the sky is always the most vibrant blue.



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Just call me Paranoid

My husband does. I prefer to think of it as being safe.

Making sure the path from our bed to the kids beds to the front door is clear of clutter every night; safe.

Making sure I have liquid Benadryl in our cupboard and in my diaper bag at all times; safe

Using screen names and not posting photos of the kids on this blog; safe.

I knew when I created this blog that I wanted the world to read it. People whom I had never met before. That was my hope and it has been fulfilled. I’ve made great online friends who I hope someday to meet in person.

I also knew that in having a public blog, that maybe some not so great people might be reading it. So I decided to use screen names for my kids and to avoid posting any pictures of them. Well, I ended up posting just a couple pictures anyway. Because I wanted to share their cute faces with you, but I have since removed them because that little nagging voice in my head wouldn’t leave me alone.

What if someone is stealing those pictures? Not so implausible. I was part of the babyzone.com message boards for a long time and a dispute arose on one of the boards between a mother and someone who had been stealing that mothers pictures, posting them and claiming them as his/her children. *Note to bad guys, if you want to steal someone’s pictures of their children and say they are yours, do not post them within the same online community* DUH

What if people are taking pictures of my precious children and looking at them in ways or for reasons that would make me shudder?

What if there are people with ill intent who seek out pictures and names of children living in their area? They would recognize them. They would know them by name . All they need is a last name and a city and they’ve got a phone number. And if you’ve got a phone number and you type it into the Google search bar, you’ve got an address. *double shudder*

I’ve been hesitant to even mention my state of residence on here and have since removed all mention of it.

I know the media focuses on the worst events and that horrid things aren’t as common place as they make it seem. But if the possibility is there, why increase the risk? How could I live with myself if I was the person who enabled someone with bad intentions to find my children?

And for those of you who think that if you don’t submit your site to a search engine it won’t be on there, your wrong. Spider Engines like Google crawl the web picking up whatever they find and adding it to the database. Unless your site is password protected, anybody can see it.

So call me Paranoid if you will. I call it safe.


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