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This morning a friend and I decided to “play” tennis at the court in my apartment complex.
She has a nursling. I have a nursling. She has a 3 year old. I have a 4 year old. Hence the “play”. As you can imagine, things didn’t go as envisioned.
Yes, the kids rode their little trikes all around the court happily. But the babies took turns being upset. So between nursing and shushing, we got in about 10 minutes of hitting the tennis ball back and forth. Not even enough time to warm up. It was fun though. Toward the end of our tennis time the babies were both satisfied and happy so we thought that we might have a chance at some decent tennis. That’s when my friend’s little girl Blondie decided to strip.
It happened in an instant. We hit the ball a few times and suddenly Blondie is running down the length of the court in naught but her skivvies. In full view of the building across the street. In 50 degree weather. So we called it quits. We tried to get some exercise, but sometimes…ok, most times, the kids just work against you whether they’re trying to or not.

In other news, the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom are having another awesome giveaway. This time it’s for your choice of either a retro pedal car or a suitcase style portable record player, courtesy of Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles!
Visit this post to get details on how to enter!

And finally, I hope everyone has a safe and SPOOKtacular Halloween! (What? I couldn’t help myself)



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Some bad news

My family could sure use some prayers right now.
My dad got laid off from his job five years ago and finally a company gave him a chance to work 6 weeks ago. Then yesterday they booted him saying he wasn’t coming up to speed quick enough. Is 6 weeks really long enough to give someone a fair chance? I’m a little angry right now and really worried about my dad. For 5 years he’s had a hard enough time feeling like he’s doing anything meaningful and now to get fired this quick after finally getting a job? He suffers from depression and let’s just say I am really worried about his emotional state at this time.
Then there is my mom who has shouldered the financial burden of the family for 5 years which has increased two fold since one brother was diagnosed with Crohn’s a couple years ago. My other brother just had sinus surgery and he threw up blood for 8 hours after the surgery. He evidently had an awful recovery. My mom has been suffering from some mystery illness (I think it’s stress related) for a while now and has been in lots of pain off and on and I’m sitting here thousands of miles away from all of this wringing my hands because there isn’t a single thing I can do.


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You found me how? Edition 1st

Welcome to the first ever edition of the Tri-Yearly post, You found me how? Interesting, funny or bizarre search terms people have used to stumble across my blog. Here are some of the best of the last four months:

“you have a big tummy” – Yeah, yeah, another reminder that my stomach has been stretched beyond it’s capacity by 10 pound babies.

how to grease and flour a baking pan – Seriously?

im not a nice mom – We all have our days

Why does my salsa recipe taste so bad? – Maybe this is why

im bored watching the kids – Well, you could work on your capitalization and punctuation

+2007 grower +33@@@hotmail.com, ya – What the?!?

I LOVE HALLOWEEN BUT MY NEW CHURCH DOESN’TIf it were me I’d probably be looking into a new church. 😉

suddenly potty training clicked – Every mother’s dream

pull-ups OR pull-up OR pullups OR pullup – One of those is definitely correct.

one butt cheek party pictures – I really don’t want to know

And that concludes this edition of You found me how? Join me again in 4 months for more strange search terms people have used to find my blog.


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Because I had enough beads to make another one and bracelets are light and therefore less costly to ship, I am giving away one additional Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet, exactly like the one pictured below. Rules are the same as HERE, except that this one is open to the INTERNATIONAL crowd. Good luck!


Visit Bloggy Giveaways for more fantastic giveaways!

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So, I planned on having this giveaway earlier this month as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, but then I found out the date for this:


So I waited. And now I am so excited to bring you this giveaway and to enter into hundreds more over at Shannon’s place. Without further adieu, here is Summer’s Pretty in Pink Giveaway:


One lucky winner will be receiving:

1) A copy of Nordie’s at Noon – This book contains the personal stories of four women diagnosed with breast cancer before age thirty. I picked up a copy of this at Barnes and Noble and I am so glad I did. It is educational, inspiring, tear jerking and uplifting. A great reminder of what is really important in our lives and of the power of a positive attitude in any situation. I highly recommend this book.

2) An adorable pink tote by xhilaration – The more I look at this the more I want to keep it.

3) Some accessories for your tote – A pack of breast cancer pink Tic Tacs and a package of three breast cancer pink Chap Sticks

4) A Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet – I am so excited to say that this is made by moi! Ok, so I’m a little proud of my newest hobby. Yes, I’ve decided to add jewelry making to the list of things I love to do. Hopefully I don’t suck at it. The bracelet is pictured up close below and is made with crystal glass crackle beads, rose pink fiberoptic glass beads, metal drum beads and Lampwork breast cancer ribbon beads.



1. This contest is open to residents of the continental U.S. and Hawaii only. Sorry, but my hubby’s still in school folks so no mula for international shipping.
2. This contest will end on Friday November 2, 2007 at 10 p.m. Eastern time. I will close comments precisely at that time (believe me, I’m punctual about these things) and randomly select a winner using random.org.
3. The winner will be announced on this blog sometime on Saturday November 3, 2007.
4. This contest is open to both bloggers and non bloggers. One entry per person.
5. To enter you must leave a comment on this post. Comments about my beauty, intelligence and charm are preferred but any old comment will do I suppose.

And that’s all folks! Good luck and be sure to click on the Fall Ya’ll button above to enter tons of other great giveaways!


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I went pink…

…for most of October. I can only handle so much pink though. It’s still growing on me. I mean come on, after years of hating it, then realizing it was my best color, then realizing that I kind of really like it and it made me feel feminine to wear it, ok, so I like it, but it was really too much, plus it’s nearly Halloween. I had to pay some homage to my second favorite holiday, for more than one day.

And that brings us to the Aloha Friday question.

What will you and your families be dressing up as for Halloween?

I’m going to be Peter Pan, Angel Girl is Tinkerbell, and the boys keep changing their minds, but I’m pretty sure Obi-Wan will be a Ninja Turtle and Count Dooku will (heh heh) be Count Dooku, as per his request.


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To get into the spirit

Halloween is quickly approaching and of course to get into the spirit of things you have to watch at least one scary movie right? Well, here are ten movies I think are pretty scary, in no particular order. And no, you won’t find anything really gory on this list since I don’t do gore. I love good suspense though.

What lies beneath – I saw this movie on TV and I haven’t brought myself to watch it again. Not because it wasn’t good. It is so very creepy, definitely the kind of movie that will give you nightmares.

The Sixth Sense – The whole mood of this movie is dark and ominous. And more unsettling than the twist ending itself, I think is the skewed concept of what life after death is like according to this movie.

The Others – Another heavily foreboding atmosphere pervades the whole of this movie. Even before you know anything spooky is happening you feel like you’re in a haunted house. And some of the scares in this movie were fantastic!

Psycho – There is a reason this movie is on most Top 10 scary movie lists. If it’s gory, I can’t tell you because I’ve always closed my eyes when the trademark musical score begins sounding.

The Birds – I saw this for the first time just this week and was very surprised at how realistic everything looked. And yeah, I was squirming in my seat wondering what would happen next.

Labyrinth – Not necessarily scary (well, unless you consider David Bowie in tights with little left to the imagination, scary) but very Halloweenish, filled with goblins and ghouls and other crazy creatures. This is one of my favorites for any time.

Tremors – I first saw this as a kid and I still think it’s crazy, yucky, scary fun.

Signs – Wonderfully suspenseful, funny and touching all at the same time. The musical score gives me the shivers every time the movie starts. This definitely had me on the edge of my seat.

Rebecca – A fantastic old film with Laurence Olivier, a surprising twist and a psychotic maid. This is another all time favorite to watch any time of year.

Rear Window – How is it that Hitchcock is so good? I really appreciate his type of scare tactics. He doesn’t need to use ominous music or gore in order to have you ready to leap out of your seat with fright.

So, what are your favorite scary movies?


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