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The Gobble Bag

My mom sent me an email today with a link to this article.
I felt like I could have written the frustrations that the author was expressing.
Then she offered up a creative idea to solve the problem. This amazing, wonderful, brilliant idea, (obviously best for younger kids) for getting the kids to pick up their toys.
Guess what, I tried it.
Guess what, they’ve never picked up their toys so fast.
Of course, it’s only day one, but at the end of the day, every day this week, I plan on reminding my kids about the gobble bag and how they won’t see the toys he gobbles up for a week!
If this is an idea you decide to implement, I would love for you to stop back here on Saturday and tell me if it’s working. Or if you made any modifications on it?
I’ll post an update on how it’s working for us, on Saturday for you to comment on. We can only hope that someday there will be one solution to every mothering woe we face. But till that day arrives, trial and error will have to suffice!



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The ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom are at it again. This time they’re giving away an Insignia 37″ Flat-Panel Television generously donated by Best Buy.
Find full details here.


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….. Traci @ My Sweethearts! Congratulations!!
Thank you all for entering my Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. Now if only I could figure out a way to become 290 comments popular on an average post!!!


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I was recently tagged for the Marriage Meme which got me thinking not only about my actual marriage, but of the choices I made preceeding it.

I chose to make my decision with the help of God through fervent prayer.
I chose to enter it with a heart willing to comromise on the issues that arise when you share your life with another.
I chose to enter it pure, clean; virginal


A huge part of my religion, emphasizes chastity. I was taught from my early youth that I should save myself for the one I married.
I think motivations for abstinence are most often based on religious belief, which is fine, but may not be enough if our children choose to abandon religion in earlier years.
Those of us who are religious need to explain the immediate and physical consequences of sexual impurity; not only the spiritual. And we ought to do it matter of factly and not as a scare tactic, allowing our children to understand what we want for them, while letting them feel in control of their own choices.

We can teach our children about the multitude of disease that is spread from bed to bed.
We can to teach our daughters to dress modestly. A young man can and ought have self control but how much easier would life be for that young man not to have to exercise so much of it in the first place.
We can teach our children to be modest in their speech. Inappropriate talk leads to inappropriate acts.

I feel that parents are often too embarassed to dicuss these things with their children. I wish I would have been more informed as a teenager about the possible physical consequences of sexual activity.
I am grateful my religious convictions were enough to keep me standing by my decision. I am so happy I was clean for my sweetheart and he for me.

Articles of interest related to this post:

Virgin, It’s Not a Dirty Word by Norman Fulkerson

Your thoughts and comments on this post are welcome!


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….and I’m happy about it.

For Mother

Cheeks soft from years of tears
The rolling drops, relieving fears
Tired eyes, creased with pain
Giving much with naught to gain.
Body weak, from running too fast
Your own welfare, you put last.
A life you wished for, you made sure I had
My thanks was indifference, your soul became sad.
Oh mother forgive my iniquitous slack.
Forgive me for pointing out all that you lack.
I hope it’s not too late to show that I care,
To walk in your footsteps, your mantle to wear.
To show I am grateful for all that you do,
To learn how to be a great mother like you.

© Summer Owens, 2000

* Thank you for hauling 5 children to church with you every Sunday, even when dad didn’t come. You taught me how important God and church were to you.

* Thank you for assigning me daily chores without pay and showing me how to do them. I learned how to work hard without promise of reward.

* Thank you for making cookies with me, and for letting me accompany you to take christmas cookies to neighbors every year. You taught me the value of service and how happy it makes not only the receiver, but the giver.

*Thank you for expressing your belief in my abilities when I was down on myself. Children have a way of knowing what you think them capable of and fulfilling those expectations to that degree. Thank you for helping me to exceed my own expectations of myself.

* Thank you for knowing how to balance your calling as mother and your desire to also be my friend. I want my children to be able to confide in me as I did in you.

This post was written as part of the MamaBlogga.com July group writing project


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Which would be me.
I’m not offering help. I’m asking for it. PLEASE!
What has worked for you, what hasn’t, in budgeting for your household? Anything goes here. I’m desparate for ideas to put into action. Keep in mind I’m a Mac user and there aren’t a wide variety of programs I can use on my computer. I hate hate hate worrying about money, and my mom, though she be the queen of investing and budgeting never shared her wisdom with me. Well maybe she tried but I didn’t listen (you know, numbers go with math and math and I don’t get along) but I’m willing to try to learn now. I’m so frustrated with money (or lack thereof) and trying to keep track of spending!


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The Marriage Meme

Kailani over at An Island Life tagged me for this meme.
It’s my first tagging ever. Woohoo!!! So here goes, 8 things about my marriage:

1. My husband and I got married only 4 months after we first met. (Yikes, I know, crazy!)
2. I was 19, he was 21. (crazier)
3. I sealed the deal when I told him I had always wanted a chocolate wedding cake.
4. We went to Disneyland on our Honeymoon. It was his first time there, my fourth.
5. For the first 1 1/2 years of our marriage I worked full time as Assistant Night Manager in a deli to support us while he finished his bachelor’s degree. Nine of those months I was pregnant. I worked 40 hours on my feet up until the week before our first child was born. Never want to do that again!
6. He’s a better cook than I am (though my cooking is very decent). I’m a better baker though. I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a pastry chef. The closest I’ve gotten is becoming a Cake Decorator.
7. We both love the outdoors: camping, fishing, hiking, etc.
8. I love my in-laws. He is the 12th of 13 kiddos and I had never been to a family reunion or any family parties till I married him. Sadly we live far away from both of our families now.

We’ve been married over 6 years now and marriage just keeps getting better. He’s a wonderful husband and father and I love him very much!

Alright, Look, Mom, Look, Moving Mama, Strange Pulse, Tyler’s Triumph, Jennifer @ Snapshot, Absolutely Bananas, Overexposed: Photo Blog and Krazybateses you’ve been TAGGED!


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