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The Purple Shirt


Some of you may not like this shade of purple. Some of you may not like the style of this shirt, with it’s built in shrug. But to me, this is, the perfect shirt. It’s cute and versatile. I can dress it up with a long black skirt for church or wear it with my flare jeans.

I love this shade of purple and it is very flattering on my skin, I love the style and I know that it will compliment my figure nicely. When I have a figure again. Which is why for now I will only look at this shirt. Look at it while I move and sweat and crunch and drop 15 pounds. Because I don’t get to wear this shirt until 15 of these pounds (sitting all in my mid section and double chin of course) are gone.

It’s the first serious New Years Resolution I’ve ever made and I’m announcing it publicly in the hopes that it will help me keep to it. I’ll be posting a picture of me 15 pounds lighter in this purple shirt in the near future.



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Before delving into the contents of this post, you must read this one.


Ok, here goes. I can’t say the beast within has come out recently, but it’s been trying. I think we all go through stages of being our nastier selves. Weeks, sometimes months pass where I plod along feeling snippety, suspicious and arrogant toward the human population and life in general. It’s at these times that I manage to be both arrogant and self loathing at the same time, because every snide thought or stupid thing the angry me thinks or does is met with, “You horrible person you” by the nice me I like to think I really am.

And just to make you feel better Kimberly, and anyone else to whom this might apply, I will tell you the story of “The Cookies”.

Once long ago, almost 7 years ago to be precise (when I could still eat chocolate) I was baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I had just purchased a new non-stick baking sheet, and it is this, singular fact, that you must remember, that you must keep at the forefront of your thoughts, or nothing that follows will seem justifiable (nod to Dickens). Which it isn’t actually justifiable anyway.

I pulled my cookies from the oven. They looked lovely, they smelled lovely and as soon as I let them cool a bit I was prepared to devour many of them warm with a glass of cold milk. Ten or so minutes passed and upon procuring a spatula I attempted to remove a cookie from the sheet. It. Did. Not. Budge.

I tried another cookie and then another. They we’re clearly not burnt or in any manner overcooked but they were not coming off of my NEW non-stick cookie sheet. So out came a butter knife and I tried to saw gently underneath the edges, hoping that would loosen things up. It did not. I tried another and another.

All this while, I felt my blood heating. The fury was building and with the try of the eighth cookie on the sheet the beast consumed me.

The butter knife was no longer gently trying to pry the cookies from the sheet. It was trying to destroy them! Maniacal laughter plays in my head as think back to the moment I tore the cookies to shreds, screaming incoherently at them. I couldn’t even pry all the pieces off in a blind rage they were that stuck. I threw the pan in the kitchen sink, mangled cookie bits flying everywhere. Then I picked up a handful of those mangled pieces and stuffed them into my mouth, trying to prevent the waterworks from starting. But came they did and I sobbed and choked on cookies and salty tears.

Not my finest moment. I had only been married 7 months and my husband witnessed the whole thing. I was also 3 months pregnant with my first child at the time. It is true that most of my psycho rampage stories begin with, “I was pregnant…”

But, I relay my story to this end: You are not alone. Not in your desire to hurt the thing that hurt you first, nor in your desire to be stronger than the anger welling up within you. Succumbing to that anger hurts the most in the end. All the more motivation to overcome it next time. Because as humans, there will always be a next time.


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How are you planning to spend New Years Eve?

We’re pretty boring around here. Maybe we’ll watch a movie or TV, eat some Buffalo wings, etc.


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Christmas 2007

Well, I’ve wanted to write a “what we did” and “what we got” Christmas post, because I’ve been reading lots of posts like that and they’re fun. But truth be told, mine will be pretty darn boring next to everyone else’s. We’ve got no family out here so it was just us.

We had our special dinner on Christmas eve. Hubby made a glorious ham (I’m talking ham that ham haters have loved). He glazes it with mustard and brown sugar and slow cooks it and it is sooooo good. We had homemade scalloped potatoes and broccoli with that. Then after dinner we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. We came home and made some gingerbread cookies and then put the kiddos to bed.

Christmas morning found us up at 6:00 a.m. reading Luke 2, then opening presents and then enjoying warm gooey homemade cinnamon rolls.

Count Dooku received a Hot Wheels Turbo Glo track with Turbo Glo Car, the “Rings” Planet Hero action figure, two Magnetix toys (from a Secret Santa) and some candy and other odds and ends in his stocking. Upon opening his Turbo Glo Track set he squealed with delight and exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting for dis my whole life!!!”

Obi-Wan received the new Mater National Cars game for PS2, the “Black Hole” Planet Hero action figure, a Backyardigans Memory Game (from a Secret Santa) and stocking stuffer odds and ends.

Vanessa received two new rattles and a Playskool pop up fun toy and then a cute pajama set and shirt from a secret Santa.

Hubby received a Kitchen Aid Knife Set courtesy of moi, made available through my first ever pay check for my blogging job

I received that new Spyro game I mentioned and an Uno Attack game from a Secret Santa.

It was a delicious, peaceful Christmas. We watched all our favorite Christmas movies, read all our favorite Christmas books, listened to all our favorite Christmas music, saw all our favorite Christmas sights and enjoyed family together time for four straight days.
T’was wonderful!


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I didn’t get a Wii for Christmas (a girl can dream) but I did get this:


My favorite dragon and my favorite new school (old school would be Mario Bro. and Donkey Kong) game series of all time, ever since the first game came out. There aren’t many things I could call myself fanatical about, but someday I want to own every Spyro game ever made, along with the complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection (maybe next year hon?) of course. Oh yeah, and that Wii.

So, any other chica’s out there enjoy video games as much as I do? Or am I the odd one out?

In any case, the game was a complete surprise. I mentioned it once, a while ago to tell hubby I was sad that they might not make it for PS2. Money is super tight as always and Tom actually used a gift card someone gave him as a present to pay for half of it. It was the only present I got and that’s totally cool, I wasn’t expecting anything at all. I love my thoughtful hubby!

Merry Christmas!!


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I fink….

There’s a reason I don’t put presents under the tree until a couple days before Christmas. I have discovered that Count Dooku takes after his father.

Hubby loves to wonder about what might be inside any nicely wrapped present with his name on it. He wonders whilst he sizes up the package. He wonders whilst he gives the package a little shake. He wonders whilst he presses the wrapping paper against the package, hoping to see wording or other clues through the paper.

Today was the day of wrapping the presents (minus one, which had better arrive on Monday!) so I told everyone to stay out while I went about sloppily carefully creasing and taping. When I was finished I brought the presents out and placed them under the tree, thinking I was prepared for what would ensue.

Obi Wan squealed out in a high pitched voice, “Presents?!?!? Por me?!?!?”

Count Dooku perked up at the mention of presents and two wiggly little boys were suddenly perched around the tree eying the gifts. I reminded them that the presents were to be opened only on Christmas, and really they are very good about that sort of thing. What I didn’t count on was Count Dooku’s persistence in finding out what these gifts might be. After asking me for the umpteenth time what was inside the wrapping paper and me telling him for the umpteenth time that he would find out on Christmas he began investigating.

Every little astonishingly perceptive comment uttered from Count Dooku’s mouth usually starts with, “I fink….”

Walking up to me holding the smallest of the presents he said, “I fink dis looks like a game case.”

I turned my head, trying to hide the smile of incredulity that was creeping up on my face. Then I mentally scolded myself for thinking that this 5 year old addicted to dvd’s and video games wouldn’t recognize the shape or sound of the disc inside.

I told him to put it back and he would find out what it was on Christmas day. The faintest hint of a smug grin flashed upon his face as he put it back.

Five minutes later he walked up to me and said, (concerning two other presents) “I fink Obi-Wan and I have duh same present. Dey look and feel duh same.”

“No more touching the presents!” I said exasperated, wondering if he’d tell me exactly what he “finked” they were next.

Note to self: Next year wrap EVERY item in identical boxes, overstuffed with packing peanuts.


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Christmas business

Well, this year I decided to make real gingerbread for what are usually graham cracker houses. The recipe was delicious and absolutely perfect for making houses. Right after I had baked up a tray I eyeballed it and cut out the pieces for three little houses. I assembled them with royal icing and then the boys and I went to work.

Obi-Wan’s house is on the left and the decorations are very sparse because they all went into his tummy instead of on the house. Count Dooku’s house is on the right, the one that’s been through a powdered sugar blizzard.

My little masterpiece.

I am sold on making real gingerbread now. I’m definitely going to do it every year. It smells up the whole area of the house where our little houses are on display!

Now onto Christmas Hoopla, a tag from Michelle at In the Life of a Child

1.Ok, this is specifically not a meme. It’s a HOOPLA. Got it?
2. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas
3. Please refer to it as a ‘hoopla’ and not the dreaded ‘m’-word
4. You have to specifically tag people when you’re done. None of this “if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged” stuff is allowed…then nobody ends up actually doing it. The number of people who you tag is really up to you — but the more, the merrier to get this ‘hoopla’ circulating through the blogosphere.
5. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it and I’d like to get as many people involved as possible.

1. I love Christmas!

2. I love Christmas lights and I love to put them up myself. On Christmas Eve it is tradition to drive around well lighted neighborhood’s oohing and aaahing at the displays. One day when we own a house, I WILL have the grandest display in the neighborhood. 🙂

3. I believed in Santa till I was twelve

4. When I was single and had money I loved to pick out a family from our church every year, on which to do the Twelve Days of Christmas doorbell gift ditch.

5. I really, really, REALLY want a Wii for Christmas

6. We really, really, REALLY can’t afford one but that won’t stop me from dreaming.

7. My very favorite Christmas song ever is God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen (I love the renditions by Manheim Steamroller and Bare Naked Ladies), followed closely by Carol of the Bells, Oh Holy Night and Greensleeves.

8. Another tradition at Christmas time is to bake plates of goodies to take to friends. I LOVE this tradition. I LOVE goodies. I like to make peanut brittle, fudge, jewel cookies, magic cookie bars, etc.

9. My favorite ornament on the tree is a yellow clay star I made in first grade. Well, all I did was push the cookie cutter into the clay, but then my teacher baked it and wrote my name on it. It’s the oldest ornament on my tree.

10. We’ve had our own tiny family Christmas for 5 years now. We really do miss our families more around the holiday’s.

11. Count Dooku wants a Hot Wheels glow in the dark race track and car for Christmas. Obi-Wan wants a Master Yoda action figure. I’m so thankful for little boys who don’t realize it’s ok to ask for more than one item at Christmas time. Both of their requests can and will be filled, making everyone happy.

12. I must have a real tree every year. We love to pick it out as a family and we love the fresh pine scent that fills the room every season.

Moving Mama! You’re it!


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