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Crumby Kisses

Saturday’s are always busy for me. Today was no exception, and in fact it was even more busy than usual. I disinfected the bathroom, organized and deep cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the dining and living room and did three loads of laundry. I got an awful lot accomplished. That brings a nice feeling, but accomplishing those goals wasn’t the highlight of my day. The highlight of my day was taking a break and getting Angel girl ready for bed.

I sat with her in the recliner feeding her bites of cornbread. In between bites we played peek-a-boo and clapped our hands. Then she took the cornbread from my hand and decided to feed me instead. There I sat chuckling, as I nibbled on the slobbery cornbread she stuck in my mouth. Then, she gave me a kiss. A sweet, tiny pursed lip kiss with cornbread crumbs on the side. Then another one. And another one. I didn’t mind one bit. I loved every crumby kiss!

So from the comments in my last post it appears we are fairly evenly divided on musical preference. That got me curious – just what kind of music do you all like?

While I enjoy watching American Idol, I have never and probably will never buy a CD that any of those contestants put out. They’re talented and I love hearing their unique voices but, and even in spite of their supposed different musical styles, they pretty much all end up producing what I call pop “fluff”. And while pop fluff may be catchy, it’s not what I consider “good” music (ouch! don’t hit me!)

Of course I’ll still listen to and sing along with it on occasion (Shania, Ace of Base, ABBA), but it doesn’t impress. For one, I like the whole package. Not just an impressive singer, but one who writes their own songs and won’t conform to ideas of popular music just to make a buck. That’s why I loved Jewel so much when she first came on the scene. I loved her folksy voice and the beauty of a solo guitar accompaniment. Then the overwhelming background noise along with the conformity of typical pop song beats made their way into her music and transformed her into just another cheesy pop queen.

So, while I do enjoy your average pop and rock from time to time, I really love and appreciate music that is off the beaten path. Anyhow, here is a list of some of my current and all time favorite artists and bands:

*Sufjan Stevens – The first time I heard him all I could think was, “I’ve never heard anything like this before.” My favorite Album is Illinoise
* Beth Gibbons – I love her album, Out of Season. I enjoy that Beth changes her voice from song to song. It’s very cool.
* Iron & Wine – Love this guys soft but distinctive voice
* Wilco – I’ve heard every album and I’ve loved every song. These guys stay awesome even with all the evolving they’ve done. My personal favorite song at the moment is Side with the Seeds. I love to blast it and feel the energy from the guitar solo. It’s awesome!
The Cranberries – I loved this band since I was in Junior High and still listen to my favorite Album of theirs, No Need to Argue.
Jaymay – I just discovered her this week, though I can’t remember how. But I’m hooked.
Depeche Mode – Loved them since I was a teenager, and some of their songs still give me chills. Synthesizers aren’t usually a good thing, but these guys know how to make it work.

There’s plenty more but that’s a good start. So what do you like to listen to? Any artists or bands you recommend?




Sure he’s good but he’s so generic. I am shocked. Absolutely shocked and yes, disappointed. I think Archuleta is infinitely more talented. I know Archuleta will be hugely successful in spite of his loss, but is anyone else in disbelief over this news?


Tips for Weaning

There are technically two parts to the weaning process:

1. Weaning the baby from the breast
2. Convincing your breasts to stop producing milk

The following methods may not be effective for every woman but they worked for me

1. Weaning the baby from the breast
Friday May 16 was Angel girl’s last nursing session. I weaned her within a week using the following schedule:

Day 1 – Eliminated one nursing session
Day 3 – Eliminated two nursing sessions
Day 4 – Eliminated three nursing sessions
Day 5 – Had one final nursing session

We went straight from breast to sippy cup. This transition was made easier when I found a silicone spout sippy cup that Angel Girl really took to well.

2. Convincing your breasts to stop producing milk
Weaning your body off the baby is slightly more difficult to do. I must preface my advice by telling you that I was never an over full, milk spouting breast feeder to begin with, so maybe I don’t have as difficult a time as some women might, but here is what is currently working for me:


So, I have a head of cabbage in the fridge and every time I start feeling engorged, I peel two leaves off. I rinse them with cold water, pat them dry, then crush the veins with a rolling pin. Then (and this is easy cause they’re bra cup shaped 😛 ), I stick a leaf in each bra, covering my entire breast. Within an hour I am noticeably less full. If you try this, change out the leaves every two hours or when they begin to wilt.


Um, how do you end up with a bruise like this….

…and have no idea how you got it?


Taken from the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building

“The city of right angles and tough, damaged people -Pete Hamill

Well, my mother and I must have been there on a good day because we didn’t run into people any meaner than I was already use to in this trashy city o’ mine, which shall remain nameless. 🙂

So, some of you may have noticed I’ve been rather sporadic in my commenting of late and it’s because I’m still adjusting to life without my wonderful momma. She flew out and stayed with us for a week and oh, was it wonderful! I miss her terribly and I long for the interactions my children don’t get to have with their extended family members. So a visit is always a wonderful thing.

Yes, a visit from my mom means a date night or two with my husband. It means running to the store for something I forgot without having to drag all three kids out too. It means late nights spent playing Boggle, Cribbage, Rummikub and Take Two. And this year it meant taking a day trip to New York City, just me and her. I’ve lived within doable driving distance for 6 years and finally I made it, with my mom who had never been there before either.

Riding the Ferry out to Liberty Island. (Gosh I hope I look as good as my mom does when I’m 50)

At Ground Zero

This is Trinity Church, which was not a stop on our agenda but we happened to walk by it and it sucked me in. Some of you know I am an avid genealogist and am obsessed with love old church’s and cemeteries. This church and cemetery is smack dab in the middle of the city yet it seemed so tranquil there. I was in heaven looking at the ancient headstones (ca. 1700’s) and the architecture inside and out is breathtaking.

Here we are after hiring a bicycle taxi which I highly recommend, as they can veer in and out of traffic and if you love feeling a, gentler than a car with the top down, wind in your face. We had a blast on our short little ride.

Just a small portion of Times Square, from the seat of our bicycle taxi.

We had a great time with gramma around and a fantastic day in New York City!