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I never cease to be amazed at the many amazing and beautiful creatures and formations upon this grand earth. Would that I could see them all before I die.
How many new things I discover when spending time out of doors and in different places.
I had never even heard of a Cicada before moving to the eastern United States and now I love to hear their sound in the trees every summer. Though I can’t say they are a beautiful creature, they fill me with wonder.
A few days ago a friend took me to a trail she had discovered. We each brought our kids and followed it down to a little stream. As we waded in the cool water we saw small groups of minnows and a crawfish here and there, propelling itself along.
The sound of a Bullfrog hiding somewhere along the bank, resonated in the air at times.
The most amazing creature I discovered on this little hike was something I thought was a dragonfly. There were none by the stream but we saw them in groups of three and four perched delicately on the leaves of bushes we passed. Their wings appeared to be solid black and their bodies were a brilliant blue-green color. I came home and googled to find out what it was right away. It turns out the insect was a Black-Winged Damselfly. What a beauty!
I love being out in nature and I love sharing the wonder with my children. I hope to instill in them a respect for all of God’s glorious creations.



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